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Why you should be using zsh RIGHT NOW!

Yesterday, I gave a presentation to the PLUG North chapter of the Philadelphia Linux Users Group, delving into some of the cooler features of the Z shell.  I slandered other shells outrageously, but, disappointingly, failed to start a religious war.

The entire presentation was given from the command line using GNU screen and tpp (a text-mode presentation program).

  • zsh-2009.pdf: A quick conversion of the presentation to PDF by way of LaTeX
  • zsh-2009.tpp: tpp source for the presentation
  • zsh-2009-demo.txt: Notes to myself containing possibly interesting examples to put zsh through its paces

I’ll be posting my .zshrc as well, once I get around to sanitizing it.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and didn’t make it to the talk, you have another chance: I’ll be giving a newly-enhanced version in February at the newly-formed PLUG East chapter.  Check the PLUG meetings page for schedule and location information.


Tasty, Tasty Fractals: Sierpiński Cookies

Edible Fractals: Evil Mad Scientists' Sierpinski Cookies

Edible Fractals: Evil Mad Scientist Labratories’ Sierpinski Cookies

Recipes are often cited as an example of algorithms encountered in everyday life, but Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have taken this a step further with their iterative process for producing these tasty-seeming cookies in the pattern of a Sierpiński carpet.

Sadly, they only take the process to the third iteration.  I have to assume this is a limitation of the floury medium as they have another post with some stupendous seven-iteration Fimo Sierpiński triangles.