Fractal Friday: Another Fractal Pizza

Here’s a pizza modeled after a variant of the Koch snowflake, and it’s perhaps a bit more aesthetically appealing than the previously posted pie.  Sadly, an examination of the pepperoni distribution (not to mention the ever-so-cute tiny pepperoni themselves) will reveal that this is a ‘Shop job, so it seems that the three-recursion/edibility barrier has not yet been broken.  Even were it to be real, you’ll notice that the fourth and fifth levels are incomplete, so we’d have to count it out in any case. [Edit: miscounted due to tiny WordPress editing window; there are four legitimate (if PhotoShopped) fully complete levels.)

(Via proofmathisbeautiful.)

One reply on “Fractal Friday: Another Fractal Pizza”

That’s so crazy, I’m eating a pizza right now and just saw this linked from Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival. I wish my pizza were a pizza so that it would infinitely fill up my tummy.

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